Private Equity

Helping increase the value of Portfolio companies.

According to Preqin there were 6628 Private Equity companies in 2015. 620 of those were formed in 2015 alone. A staggering fact which only serves to highlight the growing competition in the PE sector. To further put that into perspective there were 24 private-equity firms in 1980.

How then do PE firms stay ahead of the game? How do they get a competitive advantage? Gone are the days of buy-and-sell as was common in the 80s. We have also practically seen the back of buy-and-hold strategy of the 90s and noughties. We are now in an age where breathing life and vigour into a company yields the greatest benefits. At Digitisory, by implementing our innovative digital transformation techniques and methodologies we will give your portfolio companies the commercial lift you are looking for.

Supply chains are central to the movement of physical goods within and between businesses. However, they are often one of the biggest unaddressed cost centres across sectors, where operational efficiencies are not systematically targeted. This is largely due to supply chains not being seen as a source of value creation and advantage differentiation, but as an aspect of execution. In addition, they are inherently complicated— a melting pot of operational limitations that have evolved over time organically. For most businesses moving physical goods as well as offering services, this often leaves important untapped EBITDA and cash-flow potential. This is where we come in. Using our DigitOptimization Methodology we will make your make your supply chain work for you and increase your company’s EBITDA significantly even with distressed companies in need of urgent turnaround measures.