Supply Chain Risk Resilience

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Geopolitical issues, natural disasters, cyber crime all contribute to uncertainty in business. Whilst a typhoon in Asia may seem like it has nothing to do with you the impact it has on your supplier’s supplier has the potential to not only disrupt but to wreak havoc on your supply chain. Do you have a strategy in place to handle it? Think about it. We all know that it is best practice not to carry too much inventory but that same best practice puts us at most risk in times of crisis. The best companies in the world eke out every last benefit the global supply chain has to offer – they know what they can do on their own but they also know when they need to call on the likes of Digitisory to help mitigate risks. The Digitisory approach is a rounded, strategic approach designed navigate these complex trials, tribulations and relationships to make your supply chain more robust than it is currently or has been in the past. The fact is, one link does not a chain make. We rely, not just on Tier 1 suppliers but Tiers 2 and 3 also and our supply chain is only as strong as it’s weakest or most vulnerable link.

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